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FriendFinder Features:

How to offer a Free dating service.

You're right... nothing is free. The only charge to you, the happy surfer, is to visit our sponsor's web sites by clicking the banners and links on this site. To offset the costs of running this site we include a small amount of banner advertising to generate revenue. Please patronize our advertisers as without them this site could no longer exist! Index/Top:

About FriendFinder Mailboxes.

Since your anonymity and security are important to us, we provide everyone with a free FriendFinder Mailbox.

At FriendFinder, we prioritize your privacy and convenience. When you create your personal profile with us, a FriendFinder Mailbox is automatically generated, ensuring seamless communication. Whenever a FriendFinder member wishes to reach out to you, they can simply click a link on your profile, opening up a form where they can compose their message. Once completed, the message is securely saved within our online dating platform until you return to retrieve it. Using our secure mailbox system, your email address remains hidden, protecting you from unwanted scammers and spammers. Trust in our commitment to keeping your interactions safe and confidential while fostering meaningful connections within our community.

To retrieve your messages, click the Log In link at the top of most pages, and type in your Member Number and your Password.

How to add a Picture to your profile.

Yep, as with everything else around here, adding a photo to your profile is free.
First Log In using the link at the top of most pages. Then select the "Your Pictures" option from the Member's Menu and follow the instructions on the page.

Additions, Changes, Deletions and Settings:

Posting your FriendFinder profile.

To create a profile on FriendFinder just fill in our Signup form.
We suggest that your read our Terms of Service.

Changing your Online profile.

To change your Online dating profile, you must first Log In to FriendFinder Canada using the navigational link at the top of this page. Next, select the "Your Profile" link on the Member's Menu and. Be sure to follow the instructions that appear on the page.

To Delete your FriendFinder dating profile.

If you wish to delete your profile from our Website, first Log In as usual. Then choose the "Your Profile" link on the Member's Menu at the top of the page. You will find an option titled: "Delete your Profile" on that page. Click the link and follow the instructions on that page and your FriendFiner profile will be deleted instantly.

Having trouble Login or Deleted Profiles/Messages?:

It appears that my singles ad disappeared.

There are a few reasons for your FriendFinder profile to disappear.

  1. We may have been had to delete it because your emailaddress did not owrk. All of the profiles at FriendFinder must include a working email address.
  2. Another reason it may have been deleted is because it was a duplicate of an existing dating profile. If we detect more than one profile nearly identical profile on our system, we remove the oldest one asuming that you posted a new profile in place of the old one.
  3. Your FriendFinder profile may have been deleted because it contained crap or you sent objectionable messages (advertising, excessively crude etc.).
  4. If your profile indicates that you are in a different location than you indicate, we may remove your profile.
  5. We offten delete profiles because they are created from someone using an IP address that has been flagged as being abused.

If none of the above reasons appear to apply to you, make sure that you posted your profile at one of our websites not somebody else's sites?

If you are sure that none of these situations are yours, please accept our apology and add your profile again..

How do I recover a lost password?

Simply enter your Member Number into the appropriate form on the Member's Tools page and we will email your Password to you.

How do I figure out my Member Number?

Simply enter your Email Address into the appropriate form on the Member's Tools page and we will email your Member Number and Password to you.

Sending and Receiving Messages:

Sending a message to a Member.

To reply to a profile at FriendFinder, just click the button on the profile titled "Send Message" (or the photo if there is one) and then fill in the form that displays. The recipient will get the message when he or she checks in for messages.

Picking up messages from your FriendFinder Mailbox:

To pickup your messages, click the Log In button on the button bar at the top of most pages. Enter your Password and the Member Number that was assigned to you in the spaces provided on the form.

Note: Messages are automatically deleted from your mailbox 45 days after they arrive whether you have read them or not.

Dealing with bad or outdated Email addresses:

When new profiles are posted to FriendFinder we always verify the email address to confirm that it works. But, occasionally people change their email addresses without notifying us. As a result there is no way for us to locate them to update our system. So, if you find an email address that does not work please let us know by Contacting Us and we will remove the profile.

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